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"It’s because I thought it would look nice, no other reason. I suppose when I meet new people I just hand them out. It makes everyone happy." There was a momentary pause before she continued. "I’m Historia."

"That’s… admittedly a perhaps surprisingly rarity these days." Not many people acted to bright happiness to others, much less to those who were strangers to them. Still - the blond Follower supposed that he couldn’t argue or begrudge the woman her attempt. "I’m Arcade."

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Damn, the guy was way too smart, but he was also right, “Thanks, you’re far better than any of the twats back home. It’s actually really nice to hear that.” If anything, he could tell the other could relate and that he meant well. “People don’t seem to get that there’s not always a brighter side to things.”

Holden scratched at the back of his head; he had no real right to voice his bitterness. And he wasn’t going to burden anyone with it, though he could see a flicker of something across Arcade’s face. Waving a hand, nonchalantly, Holden sighed, “Honestly, when it comes down to it some people can’t fix things, so it’s best to do what you can while you can.” He then shrugged, unsure.

A snicker left his throat, “Much agreed there.” He could read the disgust on the other’s face and sound of his voice, “Though seriously, I know that same fear… Not everyone’s going to understand that sometimes men are better than women, so it’s okay.” A shy shrugged left him again, “Honestly I have no room to judge, but I do understand.”

The compliment didn’t help his skin flushing, “Thanks…” A small smile formed slowly. Then his eyes lightened up, “It was interesting. It was a poor neighborhood, mostly because a lot of the English didn’t even want us setting foot anywhere near them, but it made everyone around us pretty close. Nottingham, where I grew up, is like most places in England, warm when it’s nice out, but better when it’s raining all the time.” He didn’t know what America was like at all, only heard stories or history, “I see. But really no place you considered home?” He hoped he wasn’t treading into dangerous territory. 

Someone calling him that, saying he was far better than someone else… that was another surprise. But of course, he reasoned, the kid didn’t really know him yet at all. "I’m really quite boring." The age old litany fell almost unbidden on his lips as he smiled and offered the young Scout a half-hearted shrug. "But thank you all the same for the compliment. Ah… yes, humanity does have a tendency towards doing that. Preaching towards brighter things but failing to recognize and realize not everything is solely one way."

"True." A wavered pause, creeping sadness that too found itself shoved down and away. It was utterly unnecessary right now wasn’t it? After all - why should Arcade be sad: he had good company for now, until the boy grew bored and wandered off most likely, and he shouldn’t waste this brief period of enjoyment before he returned to the drudge and toil of his work for BLU. "But I can understand those people who do both wish and strive to try." Perhaps one day indeed the world could be a better place.

"Nor do they understand that the sometimes isn’t there for some people." Simple words, almost a veiled admission - the blond Medic had no interest in women in such a way. Not that it was exactly what one would consider the norm or even remotely welcomed in this day and age, but he couldn’t help how he felt on the matter. It wasn’t something that could just be changed either despite… efforts he’d seen committed against other homosexuals. It wasn’t the most comfortable of subjects and, honestly - there was honestly so much more tot he man than just what his sexuality might be.

Still, the change in subject from that brought that flicker of gratitude through the man as he tilted his head slightly, half-smiling as he propped his head up chin to hand as he listed to Holden talk about his home. "It sounds… nice." And that was the honest truth. "To be able to grow up with a close knit community, to have people that you could depend on.." There was a wistfulness to Arcade’s voice - he’d only had his mother and his parents’ close friends. It had been difficult befriending other people when he was young considering they’d never stayed in one place for very long.

For a moment there’d actually be surprising silence for the vocal man, blue eyes flitting almost nervously around the area before he settled on a more or less neutral answer. "Not really. I mean - the place I was before coming here was… enjoyable enoguh. I may go back there when this-" A wave of his hand. "-all this is done, but while it may one day be home it’s not one yet."

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It wasn’t that Blake wasn’t observant, as he was probably as perceptive as they came – but he knew the want to put up a front. He couldn’t say he knew why on Arcade’s end, but he knew that even while he may be okay with the idea of drinking himself to death, he didn’t exactly want to be killed by someone for something he had no control over. Who knew what Arcade did or thought he had done. Blake found in the end, it mattered little to him – as whatever he had done couldn’t have been as bad as the things he himself had done. After all, Arcade hadn’t been working within the Enclave army in the east.

However, he was pretty sure he had just made this man uncomfortable. Blake probably should have just kept his mouth shut. He just truly saw a good man and wanted it known that he saw something good – even if Arcade did not. Perhaps thinking it and saying it were two different things. He was still getting used to this wastelander thing. He’d learned a lot thus far, but not on how to communicate with people or what was okay and what was crossing a line. Blake hoped he didn’t just push his new friend away though.

“I’m sorry.” He finally said, shifting a bit. “I shouldn’t have said anything.” Maybe he was being a bit paranoid. “I’m not sure if I would have liked someone observing me like that, even if it was a good intended comment.” He couldn’t take it back, because he meant it. But, he was definitely worried he caused a rift before he could even really get to know this man.

As he listened he pushed his own empty glass away. Perhaps he had drank too much already and that was part of the problem. However, it really sounded like this Julie was a good woman as well. He wondered if all of the followers were just good people. He didn’t know much about them, which didn’t surprise him. Then again, he didn’t know much about the people of this part of the world. He wished he did. He knew about the NCR, but that was about it.

“I’d be glad to help.” He offered. Really, it beat sitting on his ass all day drinking and not knowing where to start or who needed the help. And if the Followers needed it, then that was where he wanted to be right now. Even if he wasn’t getting paid, he didn’t like wasting his time doing nothing. It seemed like a good set up anyway. “I think I am done too. I suddenly lost the urge to get drunk.” A rarity. Blake probably drank enough for multiple people before he was usually done. It helped with sleep – or so he thought.

“We can go now. Thank you, Arcade.” He said. He doubted the man would ever realize how much this all meant to him.  

"It’s fine." Arcade tried to calm the other man, offering the slight hesitant twitch of a smile. "You said what you felt you had to say. Trust me - words are not something that is capable of breaking me in any faculty they are used." No matter how true they might or might not be. He was very much so aware of just how cutting his own tongue could be… perhaps having such truths tossed into his face was something well deserved for things he himself had said and done recently. Not that he believed in karma, or anything to that exacting nature, but..

Losing the urge to get drunk wasn’t an entirely bad thing… but he had enough common sense to keep his mouth shut with that fact. God forbid he didn’t want to drive the other man back to that want so damn easily. "Let’s go then." Flagging the bartender over he made certain she received her tip for her brisk, efficient service before the blond moved from the counter himself, his gait calm but effortless - one drink wasn’t going to put him down, let alone so rapidly.

"It’s really not a problem Blake. The Followers are here to help when they can and it’d be uncouth of me to be utterly rude to someone in need." A pause. "And let’s face it - you don’t know the sort of people I’ve had to deal with lately. Visiting with you has been a breath of fresh air I’ve sincerely needed." And Arcade really was being honest there too.

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I'm really very boring.
✗ Indie Arcade Gannon.✗ Semi-multiship, multiverse.✗ Canon and OC friendly. All fandoms friendly.✗ AU and Crossover available. ✗ 10+yrs RP experience, almost 2yrs Arcade rp experience. ✗ Will adapt to other player's rp style;   para/semi-para/one-liners/novella accepted.✗ Violence/gore/any forms of nsfw tagged and under read mores where   applicable.✗ OOCly slow due to serious irl illness, but never drops threads.✗ Mun is super friendly and will chat/rp with anyone!✗ Currently available for plotting and threads!                    [ blog • guidelines • ask ]
You’d get better stories out of a Freeside junkie.


I'm really very boring.

✗ Indie Arcade Gannon.
✗ Semi-multiship, multiverse.
✗ Canon and OC friendly. All fandoms friendly.
✗ AU and Crossover available.
✗ 10+yrs RP experience, almost 2yrs Arcade rp experience.
✗ Will adapt to other player's rp style;
  para/semi-para/one-liners/novella accepted.
✗ Violence/gore/any forms of nsfw tagged and under read mores where
✗ OOCly slow due to serious irl illness, but never drops threads.
✗ Mun is super friendly and will chat/rp with anyone!
✗ Currently available for plotting and threads!
                    [ blog
guidelines ask ]

You’d get better stories out of a Freeside junkie.
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“Right,” Molly said with a firm amount conviction for a ten-year-old. Then she started kicking the back of her own shoes. Hey, she never got to do this at home. “Yeah, my Mom’s been single forever too.” She didn’t think her Mom had ever been married. If she had, she kept real quiet about it.

Molly thought a bit on his last statement. “Hey Dr. Cannon, what do you do?” She never saw him do typical doctor stuff. She thought he was some kind of scientist, she just was never sure what.

What the child did, barring things that could likely lead to her demise, really wasn’t Arcade’s business. He might be willing to keep her from harm to the best of his capabilities but he wasn’t the girl’s parent and wouldn’t act as such. "Sometimes it’s an admittedly easier life." A pause. "Having a partner can be… difficult, for a multitude of reasons." Well that was certainly one way of putting it, wasn’t it?

"Gannon." The correction was kindly, but overall a reflex by now above all else. "What do you mean, Molly? I do a number of things.." Perplexity pervaded across the man’s senses - did she mean work-related or..?

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betterhealing replied to your post“Canary?”
"I didn’t think you were actually going to sing to me."
"Why not? You asked and I wasn’t going to say no. Besides we’re sort of like friends, so why not?" 
"It’s still rather… surprising." A pause. "Unexpected." For once Arcade almost appeared at a loss for words at the perplexingly surprising kindness from the RED Scout.
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                                              beyond repair}

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"All of this just makes me want to get out of this room even faster," Lazarus made a horrorfied expression, sedately but surely making his way towards the door, brushing his chest up against Arcade as he moves by him.

"S’cuse me," He goes pink slightly at the contact, with a sheepish little smile. "I think there’s only a few more rooms, could be wrong, but I don’t think I am."

"A fairly accurate and truthful point. I’ll concede to that one." But there was that hint of a smile on Arcade’s lips again as watched the other man move, head tilting slightly at the brush and blush. … huh. Perhaps he was reading a little too much into it - entirely possible considering he made mistakes all the time - but he raised a brow a little bit curiously towards Lazarus before he trailed along after him out of the room.

"Well.." The blond started, his smile a little more evident, before he moved to head down the hall a little bit. "Let’s see how right or wrong you might be, yes?" Blue eyes flicked back for just a moment, watching the courier, before he shrugged and stepped into the next room along the way.

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Pulling his bandanna firmly on his face, he kept his other hand on one of his guns, anyone could be an enemy. Hunting showed him that, everything falling apart confirmed that, and he was prepared. The person nearest him set him on edge, but not for the wrong reasons, but because he seemed… Calmer than he was used to. 

Another new face. How… intriguing.

But the BLU Medic watched the stranger on the scene with a look akin to interested patience, curious but not acting demonstrative in that curiosity. Sure - respawn would take care of any sudden particulars such as, you know, spontaneously being slaughtered but dying was never an exactly enjoyable experience. "Hello there." A smile flitted across his lips as he lifted a hand up in greeting, but otherwise made certain to make no threatening motions. "Do you need something?"

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Piers couldn’t blame the stranger for his caution. He, too, felt a note of mistrust, particularly since he was so utterly confused about what was going on. His invitation to trade was a prime example of winging it and he hoped that there would be something in the building to garner the man’s attention, otherwise things might turn sour. Perhaps he should have had more of a look around himself, but he’d been eager to get out and pick up a better idea of his surroundings. So far, he hadn’t learned anything at all, other than being located in baking hot desert.

Following the man inside, walking slowly and carefully so as not to give any cause for alarm, Piers glanced around. Everything was exactlyh as he’d left it, which came as no surprise. Inaccessible computer on the desk, drawer which no longer held the pistol. Nothing at all of any note. Nothing worthy of trade.

"Uh, there are some labs downstairs if you want to look there. I can stay up here, if you prefer." It made little difference to Piers whether he stayed or accompanied his guest, but he figured it might make the man more comfortable. Less likely to think it was a trap of some sort, perhaps. "My name is Piers, by the way. Piers Nivans." There was no harm in offering up his name and it was a friendly gesture. With a shrug, he added to it. "I guess you could say I’m pretty new around here. 

Almost immediately blue eyes worked to scan the dust-strewn area - noting where footsteps and spots where touch had disrupted the layers that had accumulated over decades and decades of abandonment. It served as a benefit for the stranger - Arcade might not be any sort of skilled tracker but he wasn’t blind, even he could clearly see that only one set of shoes had left those footprints. So he was alone. It garnered however marginal flickers of relief - one man he could surely deal with if he absolutely had to, a group would’ve posed more trouble than he could have logically anticipated.

"Well Piers I may take you up on that." A pause before his encompassing gaze flicked back to the other man. "In a moment, at least. However I’d first like to know what you’d expect in trade for anything I might find here." It was true enough that the blond Follower was no merchant and he could, quite surprisingly often in face despite his own intellect, fair rather hardcore with word but he wasn’t going leap into assumptions right now. Not when things lay so heavily on the line between possibly pleasant and nuclear violence.

"I’m Arcade Gannon." His weight shifted, stance at ease once more as he contemplated the other man. "New to the Mojave area? You wouldn’t be the first traveler I’ve met if that’s the case. Where are you from?" Despite the altogether prying question it was uttered in an offhanded enough tone that bespoke of the entire willingness to drop it should the question be an uncomfortable one. He was curious, yes, but he wasn’t going to willingly try to get himself shot over a question.

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